Kitchen Partners Program

Kitchen Partners Program

Ma'o Organic Farm in HawaiiWhat Is It?

When farmers’ produce goes unsold, what do they do with it?  Typically, they give it away to friends and family, use it as compost, donate, or throw it out. What about the new farmers who are just beginning and are unsure of the process to become properly licensed to distribute their produce? How about the chefs that want to create new products but don’t have a produce source or a licensed kitchen?  What about commercial kitchen owners who need to rent out their space but are having trouble finding someone to occupy it? With the “Buy Local” movement, retailers want to sell local value-added products but are unsure where to find them.  That is where Farm to Table comes in. We connect the dots to expand Guam’s agricultural industry with emphasis on education, food security, and self-sustenance. By signing up for the Kitchen Partners Program, you will be connected to a wide array of people involved in agriculture, retail, and  food-related businesses.

How It Works

Fill out our contact form below or email, obligation-free. Farm to Table Guam will soon begin our ‘match-making’ services to find your ideal business match in the food industry. This program is free of charge to you, as we are here to help you further your food-related business, facilitate group training, and come together to promote food products truly made on Guam.

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