CSA Farm in Action

CSA Farm in Action

As part of our newest project, “Tanom, Fatinas, yan Sustansia,” one goal is to develop and operate a Community Supported Agriculture Model Farm (CSA). The yield of the farm will be combined with the produce of other small farms and distributed via a subscription service with regular subscribers, by the end of 2014. Below you can see the progress of the farm, beginning with day one of our first planting!

Day One:

Planted seeds of basil (cinnamon, lemon, genovese and Siam Queen), mizuna (mustard greens), komatsuna (mustard mix for salads), rainbow chard, pak-choi, and hon-tsai-tai (Asian broccoli grown for the stems).

photo 1photo 3photo 4photo 5

Day Four:

Baby mustard greens

Mustard GreensMustard greens

Day 15:

Basil seedlings

Watering plantsWatering plants

Day 17

Planting basil

tilling land csa farmTilling landPutting seeds in groundMaintaining seeds

Day 18:

Planting basil

farm land plant sprouting planting seedsseedling crops

Day 31:


Basil seedlings

Day 37:



Day 39:

Picking basil


Day 45:

Peter setting up trellis

putting trellis up

Day 67:

Peter picking basil for Pika’s Cafe

picking basil 2basilforpikas3 picking basil

Day 75:

Red long beans for Pika’s Cafe

red long beans

Day 88:

Peter using our new tiller

1photo 2 (5) using tiller

Day 96:

The guys clearing space to be tilled

photo 1 (8)1 photo 2 (7)1 clearing land to be tilled

Day 101:

Organically grown plants for sale! Donne’ sali, hungarian hot wax, serrano del sol, joes long cayenne, red rocket, yellow pear tomatoes, black cherry tomatoes, and okra
donne saliyoung plantstomato plant

Day 102:

Okra and Eggplant

seedling seedling

Day 103:

Manila bananas, okra, starfruit, papaya, baby avocado, long pole beans, cayenne pepper, and french breakfast radish

plantseedlingcayenne peppercucumbertomatoesstarfruitbaby avocadobananared okrared okrared okra

Day 106:

Donne’ Sali

donne sali

Day 107

Peter putting finishing touches on cucumber trellis

cucumber trellis

Day 114:

Our first tomatoes, yellow pear and juliets

tomatoes yellow pear tomato