Current Project: Guam Value-Added Agriculture Planning Project

Goal: To design a Value-Added Agriculture Pilot Program in collaboration with native Chamorro farmers providing opportunities for farmers to sustain their farms for generations to come, preserve native food heritage, and expand their current market basis for the economic betterment of the community.

Work plan to reach our goal?

Learn about the farmers through our survey

  1. What do they grow?
  2. Where do they sell their crops?
  3. What challenges do they face?
  4. What potential do they have to take advantage of the value-added market?
  5. How can we help them to keep farming, doing what they love to do? (rephrase?)


Comprehensive research report quantifying the potential market for Guam value-added agricultural products.

We want your feedback!

  1. Comment on our current project
  2. Find out how to partner with us
  3. Which projects would you like to see developed in our community?
    • Community Processing Kitchen
    • Community Supported Agriculture Farm
    • Community Supported Farmer’s Market/Stand

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