What is Tånom, Fa’tinas, Yan Sustånsia?

Tånom, Fa’tinas, Yan Sustånsia literally means to plant, prepare, and sustain. Read more about our project.

Ernie Wusstig Farm corn fieldsPLANT: CSA Farm

One goal is to develop and operate a Community Supported Agriculture Model Farm (CSA), the yield of the farm will be combined with the produce of other small farms and distributed via a subscription service with regular subscribers.  Through the creation of the CSA farm, farmers can expect increased income and profitability, decreased waste, and ultimately more jobs in the way of expanding existing farms or new farmers entering the market.

PREPARE: Farmer’s MarketIMG_1942_web_0

The Neighborhood Farmer’s Market model is a designated space adjacent to a regularly operating village night market sponsored  by the village’s mayor.  The Mangilao Mayor’s Office is one participating center.  If you’d like your village to become a part of the Farmer’s Market movement, help us make that a reality and tell your friendly Farm to Table Representative.

Grinding close shotSUSTAIN: Kitchen Partners Program

Kitchen Partners is a kind of matchmaking service facilitated by FTT whereby a food or value-added producer without a licensed kitchen could use FTT to locate a Kitchen Partner kitchen to process, a Kitchen Partner  farmer to provide the local produce, and a network of of Kitchen Partner “Business Partners” to advise and assist small business and farmers in areas such as accounting, administrative support, and marketing.

Our goalsNorensa Coffee

  • Strengthen our economy by expanding and diversifying  Guam’s farming industry
  • Increase job security by supporting farmers and creating new jobs related to farming and food processing
  • Fill markets, kitchens, restaurants, and tables island-wide with food grown on Guam
  • Promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging all to eat fresh and nutritious local produce

Why is this needed?

Tanom, Fatinas, yan Sustansia (Plant, Prepare, and Sustain) addresses challenges in our community and aims to improve unemployment, assist the expansion and diversification of local agriculture, while strengthening and bridging existing components in our island’s food industry.

How to get involved?

If you are a farmer, commercial kitchen owner, value-added processor, distributor, retailer, student, consumer or would like to be any of the above, please contact us today to see how we can help!

This project was active from 2013-2018 and has now ended.

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