Farmer Training Program Application

Farm to Table-Guam, Corp. is now offering a training program that is designed for those with little or no growing experience, or those with some experience that want to take it to the next level and have an opportunity to earn an additional income or start a small farm business.

We understand that access to land poses a hurdle for many, so we’ve custom built different sized hoop houses, raised beds and grow tables that will serve as a model for participants in which they can adapt according to their grow space and personal goals.

Our specialized program offers a mix of small group trainings, farm tours, hands-on learning at our demonstration farm, one on one site visits and ongoing mentorship.  Our team will assist with start-up by providing initial basic farm equipment use and supply packages, teach best practices, troubleshoot and guide participants along the way, providing resources for your micro-farm business to be successful. Our organization will also assist with sales throughout the course of the program so you can spend more time on your farm. Through this personalized training program, we are confident you will achieve your goals of starting your very own micro-farm or market garden.

As a collective of backyard growers, urban farmers and market gardeners, by growing together, we can achieve the overall goal of contributing to our island’s food security.

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to launch your own small-scale farm through our free, six month training program. 

Did you miss our Information Session? Watch the recording here.

Program Goal 

Our goal is to increase the number of jobs in agriculture by improving the farming skills of new and beginning farmers.

Participants that complete the program will know how to grow food using best practices, know what customers want and how to market and sell what they grow, progressing from an aspiring farmer to part time or full time farmer. 

After the new and beginning growers have participated in the training program, they will be equipped to grow, produce and profit from this niche market of specialty leafy greens.

This project entitled “Feed our Villages, Feed our Future” will create new agriculture enterprises that will strengthen our economy, provide a source of income for new growers and contribute to our island’s food security. 

Program Topics 

  • Grow Structures
  • Soil Health and Composting
  • Seed Selection, Germination, Planting
  • Focus: Organic Growing Methods
  • Cover Crops, Companion Planting, Crop Rotation
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Benefits of Bees
  • Pre and Post Harvesting
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Farmer Certifications, Taxes, Grants and Loans
  • Hydroponics

The focus will primarily be on leafy greens (lettuce, kale, arugula, chard, etc.), however companion planting and biodiversity will be addressed as well.  There will be an emphasis on organic methods and regenerative agriculture.

This class of crops was selected for its potential in replacing a 90% import rate and customer demand based on a consumer buying habits survey from 2014-2019.

Training Schedule 

2021: June-November 

Group trainings will be held on Saturdays, twice a month for the first three months and one per month the last three months.

The schedule will be flexible according to the participants availability. Site visits and one on one trainings will take place as needed.

Stay tuned for 2022 and 2023 dates!


  • Must have access to growing space
  • The ability to do physical farm work (or be accompanied by a job coach)
  • A sincere commitment to farming
  • Full-time training attendance
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must reside in Guam 
  • Individuals only 
  • 1 applicant per household

Selection Process 

Farm to Table-Guam will review all applications and will determine selected participants through criteria that will be based on the following components:

  1. individual business goals
  2. growing space available
  3. financial assistance needs
  4. time availability 

All applicants will be notified via email after the selection process has been completed. 

Since our training program is more personalized, offering one on one assistance, site visits and continued mentorship, there is a maximum number of participants allotted for each training course. 

If you submit an application during or in between training courses, your application will be saved and added to a waitlist. You will be notified after the selection process has been completed. 

The application deadline for the 2021 training program is Friday, June 25th at 3pm

This project is funded by grant #90NA8404-01-00 from the Administration for Native Americans