Let’s Get Back to Eating Real Food

By Cassie Brady

Clean Eating

Eating real food has become a task to the modern world, when it should really be a delight! If you are wondering how we got here in the first place with all of this processed junk so readily available to us, well, that makes two of us.  Tricky marketing ploys makes us consumers vulnerable that a colorful package or wording such as “Fat-Free” or “Sugar Free” makes us want to immediately put it in our cart.  It’s about time that we are aware of what we are really eating and frankly, most of it isn’t even real food.

The biggest change when going to the grocery store is that you will start reading the ingredients list.  This is the most important rule of eating clean.  There should only be five (or so) ingredients or less AND you should be able to pronounce each and every one of them.  If it took you awhile to figure it out, that doesn’t count.  If you wouldn’t be able to make it in your own kitchen, then it probably isn’t real food.  This may seem daunting but you will get used to it.  Just like we got used to eating processed food.  Take a look at all of the rules.  Don’t worry if you can’t follow them all, especially when it comes to budget.  Every little change could make the biggest difference.  Do what you can!

Making the change to eating real food  is one of the most beneficial goals you could ever make.  You may not be convinced that you will see a change or it doesn’t matter, but we assure you, it does!  Try the “10 Day Challenge” and see for yourself!

Lisa Leake, creator of “100 Days of Real Food” has a blog that includes everything you need to know about eating clean and real food.  From recipes and food allergies to school lunches and gardening, Lisa shares all we need to know about making the real food lifestyle change.  Start here!