Dinanche Tasting-2014

Living on Guam means we get the opportunity to taste the varieties of locally produced donne’ dinanche, a specialty hot pepper sauce/paste. Farm to Table Guam brought three producers together to show the community what their sauce is all about, cooking different dishes that highlights their value-added product. Thank you to Still Smokin’, DFRNT, and...

Public Service Announcement-2014

Farm to Table Guam released a public service announcement, showcasing a few community members that have been assisted by our programs. Thank you to Jenei Aguon of Still Smokin’, Chris Leon Guerrero (farmer), and Kinney Blas of Chesa.

Kusinan Kamalen Karidat

In honor of #GivingTuesday, we donated papaya to Kusinan Kamalen Karidat, a non-profit that feeds the homeless, seedlings to UOG’s Children’s Healthy Living Program, and seeds and trays to Breaking the Cycle, a group promoting and launching school gardens.

Farm to Table Market-2014

The Neighborhood Farmer’s Market model is a designated space adjacent to a regularly operating village night market sponsored by the village’s mayor. The Mangilao Mayor’s Office is one participating center. The soft opening of the Farm to Table Market was held at the 2014 Donne Festival where a total of eight vendors participated, including Coco’s Oil, One...

Breastfeeding Awareness Health Fair-2014

Farm to Table Guam was a proud sponsor at the 2014 Breastfeeding Awareness Health Fair, donating many plants as giveaways.            

Girl Scout Camp-2014

Farm to Table Guam visited the Guam Girl Scouts during summer camp to spread the word about why it is important to support your local farmers. We also gave away seedlings that the girls transplanted themselves!

Pika’s Cafe on the Farm-2014

Pika Fejeran from Pika’s Cafe, a local restaurant serving unique local food, interviews us on our CSA organic farm. Our mission goes hand in hand; buy local, eat local, support local!          

Youth for Youth LIVE-2014

We were happy to be a part of Youth for Youth LIVE! Guam, an evolution that focuses on youth empowerment in the movement against substance abuse and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. We explained the importance of buying local, supporting our local farmers, and the “limitless” ways you can make a difference.     Source:...

GYP Mixer at 9th Street Rotary-2014

Guam Young Professionals partnered up with Farm to Table Guam for one of their monthly mixers. Why not support a new, locally owned restaurant that Farm to Table assisted in opening? 9th Street Rotary hosted the event with a custom menu that included fresh, local produce. They even made a featured drink, a local cucumber...

May Harvest-2014

May Harvest is an annual event hosted by the Department of Agriculture. In 2014, there were plant giveaways, a variety of produce grown by local farmers, and sweet and savory dishes made with local produce prepared by Guam Community College’s culinary students. Various farming practices were taught and farming programs that are available were shared...