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Tips on Starting and Maintaining an Organic Garden on Guam

Tips on Starting and Maintaining an Organic Garden on Guam Farm to Table-Guam was invited to write a series of articles about gardening on Guam that were published on Pacific Daily News. Check them out below! In this article, you will receive tips on how to start your garden, determining whether you want to plant...
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Moving Towards Organic

Download our curriculum, Moving Towards Organic, narrated in PowerPoint or PDF.
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Home Composting for Guam

By William Ruffin, Farm to Table Guam Volunteer Disclaimer: This article does not deal with municipal size composting (which Guam ought to have!) nor anaerobic composting (composting without air) nor ‘bokashi,’ which is a special kind of anaerobic composting (from Japan) that can deal with meat along with the green waste. You can learn about...

Agricultural Water Use on Guam

Read the report below from University of Guam about agricultural water usage on Guam. Agricultural Water Use Guam 2015-2016

So You Want to be a Farmer?

By Gadi Dreyfuss, Farm to Table Guam Apprentice Before you start any endeavor, you must be optimistic, but also realistic. Especially when farming, where each plant requires specific attention, it is important to understand all components of the farming process. Time and money play major roles in starting a farm, but knowledge and dedication to...
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Need Crop Insurance?

By Rita Salisbury In the aftermath of Typhoon Dolphin, several of Guam’s farmers have reported losses to their crops. Those in the northern region of Guam were especially hit hard by strong winds and heavy rain fall. Fortunately, the USDA Farm Services Agency has published a release (0144.15) to remind farmers about maintaining, or applying...
Typhoon Dolphin

Crop Talk: Before and After a Storm

By Gadi Dreyfuss Pre-Storm Once you hear of a storm headed towards the island, no matter the size, you should take all precautionary measures to prepare your farm or field as much as you can. Storms often come with strong winds, so firstly, it is important to gather all of the loose items around your...

Farm to Table Guam Featured on Damian Daily

Lisa Damian, web-blogger, writer, and book reviewer of Damian Daily has published an article about our new CSA Subscription Service Pilot Program. Farm to Table Guam is starting up a six-week pilot Community Supported Agriculture program which includes a variety of local farmers in addition to the traditional Farm to Table Guam program. The cost...

What is Organic Anyways?

By Thalia Gange, Farm to Table Guam Business Manager Farm to Table Guam often gets inquiries from our readers about what the word ‘organic’ means, both from a legal standpoint and from the point of view of consumers who just want to know what they are eating. USDA Organic Certified defines organic as “a production system that is...